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Tyrosine Hydroxylase Pos hESC neuron on hASCs

Dedicated to sound and responsible medical research, collaboration, and professional development and mentoring, the Pittsburgh Development Center of Magee-Womens Research Institute explores the molecular biology of cell function-- in gametes, embryos, stem cells, maternal/fetal efficacy of assisted reproduction technologies, the origins of developmental diseases, the causes and prevention of adverse pregnancy outcomes and the potential of stem cells for treating human disease.

Among its other strengths, the Pittsburgh Development Center is emerging as a world center for the study of stem cells, precursor cells with the ability to grow into any tissue and the ability to treat a variety of human diseases. Before stem cell treatments are developed, PDC researchers will determine the best conditions in which to grow these precious cells. And before patients receive stem cell treatments, the researchers of the Pittsburgh Development Center will demonstrate their safety and effectiveness in the laboratory.

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